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Feeling and Flowing with your shots

Warming up in a slow, methodical and controlled way is often overlooked by many club/recreational players. Instead of hitting fast and going from 0 to 100 in a minute, spend a few minutes feeling the ball and flowing with your shots 💧

This exercise is a good warm up to relax and stay loose. When you do this, you are allowing the kinetic chain of energy to flow from your body to racquet to strings. All this together, gives you effortless power.

Things to remember:
• Follow the guidelines of your technique, but not to the extent where you’re too focused about it
• Think about waiting for the ball more and slowing down the ball
• Good timing comes from slowing down your backswing (Count out loud and ensure your backswing is at least 2 seconds long)
• Focus on staying loose and relaxing your body (arms, shoulders, wrists, legs, etc.)
• Using racquet head's momentum to hit the ball instead of muscling
• Get a rhythm 🎼

Once you feel like increasing the intensity, start opening up your shoulders, use your legs more and increase acceleration without losing your timing and rhythm.

Hitting freely and feeling the ball helps you to focus on one skill at a time, it could be anything; trajectory, depth, direction, etc. Work on it for every shot 💪

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