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About Us

"We don't want to just teach players how to hit Forehands & Backhands, we want to teach players how to enjoy and understand the game"

With a deep passion & tons of experience in high level training and competitive Tennis, we specialise in teaching players with that competitive drive & push players to play winning Tennis.

That's not you? No worries :) we also like to impart the knowledge of right techniques, strategy & efficiency for everyone to enjoy playing tennis the proper way


Our aim is to not only teach the fundamentals of hitting a ball but to bring players to a level where they have a good sense of the game and strong tennis IQ to allow them to play at a level where they know how to play the right shots at the right time and enjoy the game.

We have seen many players hit good forehands & backhands but struggle during points or matches. Are they really playing the game of Tennis then? Or simply hitting forehands and backhands into the court?


Our goal for every student that comes to us is to help them reach a level where they have a game style they can identify with, a game plan to execute confidently, the tactical awareness to exploit weaknesses & ability to use all areas of the court to their advantage.

This is no easy feat but we coaches are always ready to inspire and help players who are willing to learn and give their best to improve

Our Champions in action

Our Partners

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Professional tennis stringing of more than 25 years of experience. An accredited ATP Pro stringer Malaysian Open.

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