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Adult Tennis Lessons


Tennis is one of the safest sports that everyone can enjoy, it provides a full body & mind workout, improves your anaerobic capacity and promotes flexibility. Basically, it has small elements of the many different kinds of training, one that forces you to constantly change your speed, stretch, think and hit the ball

It's never too late to learn something new and be good at it. Dive straight into the core of Tennis and learn the basics.

Our adult lessons are focused on what you want and catered to your learning ability, biomechanics to help maximize your playing potential. If you already possess some experience, perfect! Join us and bring your game to the next level.​

​​Packages rates for lessons

We offer package rates, simply buy 6 lessons and get $20 off or 10 lessons and get $60 off the total payment. Packages are non-refundable and cannot be used for other type of classes.

Cancellation Policys

SwingXV practices a 12 hours & 24 hours cancellation policys. All lessons booked and cancelled within 12 hours will be charged in full while cancellation within 24 hours will be charged at half of the lesson fees. Cancellation policys does not apply to Group Lessons and Champion's Programme.

Rain Policy

In the unfortunate event of inclement weather where play is deemed not safe to continue, our rain policy will come into effect:

  • Lessons that are rained out in the first 15 minutes will not be charged

  • Lessons rained out between 15 - 30 minutes will be charged for a 30 minutes fee

  • Lessons rained out after 30 minutes are to be charged in full

It is up to the coach's decision to decide if the lesson can be carried on. Students are not allowed to cancel lessons based on their own decision without consulting coaches. If your lesson was affected and were charged in full, we assure you that coaches will try to fulfill the remaining time based on their permitted schedule.

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