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Our Story


What it means?

SwingXV (Swing - Fifteen) simply represents winning the first point of a tennis game, 15-Love. It was started by Coach Kenneth with a philosophy in mind: "to be successful or a better version of yourself, you need to take the first step towards what you want to achieve." It could be anything, committing to a daily exercise routine or even getting on your first guitar lesson. He believes that transcends through life, the first step towards anything is always the hardest and forces us out of our comfort zone. As soon as you take that leap of faith, it is a small victory in life which leads you on a journey of many small steps and soon one of them will become the biggest step of your life. We hope to help you on your own tennis journey to make you the best player you can be

The Dream


The dream of playing at Wimbledon was what started this journey. Starting Tennis at the age of 9, I was trained initially by my Uncle and didn’t have many chances to learn the Sport properly. At 13, I took the first step of finding my own way to pursue my dreams; learning from free online materials and taking the unconventional route of learning Tennis sporadically in Thailand instead. It was the only choice i had due to financial circumstances. I wasn’t the best at Tennis, running or any Sport for crying out loud, just a pretty normal boy with big dreams and good work-ethic. Not recieving any sort of funding, by my teenage years, I had to work to support myself for practice sessions in Singapore, most of the time surviving on just 5 hours of sleep. However, looking back on this tough journey, there’s nothing I would have changed.

Steps To Success

I’m grateful for this journey i’ve been on as it introduced me to wonderful individuals whom were willing to help my passion as much as they can. Having a lack of financial funds to support my training, my coach was very understanding and wanted to help me as much as he could, something I would be forever thankful for. Hard work paid off eventually, when I was starting to get recognized by the Singapore Tennis Association, allowing me to train in one of their full time programmes and achieving my highest national ranking of 7. I managed to gain entry and compete in some professional tournaments from 2016 - 2018 before going back to pursue a university education.


"It's not about the destination, it's about the journey"

This quote sums up what tennis is for me and how much it has changed me. As much as playing at Wimbledon would be a dream come true, I have gained so much more from the Sport itself. Tennis has taught me more about myself than anyone could; discipline, perserverance, overcoming adversity, what i was capable of and how anything in life is possible if you want it bad enough. Simply said, dedicating yourself to the Sport is an expedition of self-discovery, character building, problem-solving and cultivation of essential life skills and values.


So thank you, Tennis. Now its time for me to share this journey with other individuals, guiding them through the right tennis path in hopes of imparting the same teaching.

At SwingXV, we want to help you as much as we can regardless of your diverse backgrounds and lifestyles. From the less privileged to people with special needs. If you work hard and share the same passion as us to learn the sport, we will help you to be the best tennis player you can be.


If you made it to the end, Thank you for reading this. Now you know my story, don't be afraid to ask me anything. It could be some tips, advice or perhaps you just wanna be friends with me, I'd be more than happy to :)

The tennis community in Singapore is rather small and part of SwingXV's goal is also to share free knowledge. Do check out & follow our blog or social media pages. There is some content that might benefit you with more to come.


Cheers, Kenneth Chua


Our Champions in action

Our Partners

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Professional tennis stringing of more than 25 years of experience. An accredited ATP Pro stringer Malaysian Open.

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