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Jason Tan


Daniel Kim

I play at a decent level and have always wanted to take some lessons to fine tune my technique. What put me off is that coaches nowadays can cost a bomb while offering only mediocre advise. However, Kenneth really stood out from all the other coaches. I took a couple of lessons from him and he has been able to improve my footwork, technique and delve into the technical details to help me. In just a few lessons, I have already witnessed some improvements in my game. Most importantly he is superbly humble and charges a very reasonable rate. I pretty much only have good things to say about him and will certainly recommend him to players of all levels



If I had to recommend a tennis coach, it would be Kenneth. It is obvious that he has passion for the game and it shows in his coaching. He really takes time to analyze your stroke and gives very useful tips on how to improve. I like the fact that he emphasizes conditioning and his demeanor and teaching style are top notch. My son has been taking lessons from him and has improved immensely; in just over a year, he went from a player that could keep a couple forehand rallies to sustained rallies on both the forehand and backhand sides. Thanks coach and keep it up. Stay safe during this lock down and Christian will be seeing you as soon as it’s lifted. 👍👍👍👍👍

Kenneth is currently coaching my husband, Marc and my kids, Wayne and Charlize. Playing tennis like any other sport can be tough at times. Kenneth is able to motivate my husband, Marc to make positive changes to his tennis technique and tactical awareness. For the kids, Kenneth is someone who can make the lesson fun and educational. He has the kids’ full trust. Kenneth understands that one way of teaching doesn’t suit every player and he is happy to adapt his style to suit Wayne and Charlize.


Brigitte Chia



Thanks to coach Kenneth, I was able to learn the proper way of playing tennis. With his outstanding skills and clear instructions, my wrist and elbow are no longer in pain. He is very enthusiastic in improving my skills regardless of time and sacrifice. I can see that he is really contributing his effort to enhance me. I really appreciate for that. and I hope as many as students strengthen their tennis with him to experience further enjoyment of this sports.

Improved my grip, swing, rally consistency and footwork. Totally 💓🎾🎾🎾💓


Stilyani Grant

Kevin Ackermann

Rhea Manlapaz


Kenneth is a brilliant coach. He tried different methods with my friend Nicole and I and we have both improved tremendously in a relatively short period of time. We’ve both tried a number of coaches before Kenneth and he’s the only one we really clicked with. I couldn’t recommend Kenneth more.

Ken is patient and dedicated in coaching our kids in each lesson. He makes learning and training fun, exciting amd interesting for the kids.We truly appreciate his passion.


Cass Chiang


Coach Kenneth has been our son’s coach in tennis for close to 3 years. Our son began from ground zero and now we are proud of his current ability in this game, in terms of mastering the basic techniques: serving, forehand, backhand and strategising - recognising opponent’s strength and weakness and using them on one’s advantage leading to a win. Coach Kenneth is patient, proficient in coaching, recognises our son’s strength and enabling him to build upon it, and correcting his errors whenever they occur.

Kenneth has been supporting me by offering personalised support aligned to my training objectives. A good mix of fun, technical skill acquisition and burning at least 800 calories per session 🙈👌💪🏼


Ramya Prakash

Coach Kenneth is very dedicated.He teaches you all the skills and drills of tennis.As a beginner I picked up tennis in a short time .I always look forward for my tennis lessons with him.

Suhjin Lee Kim

Tibi Stan


Jonathan Chua

Kenneth is a very kind and patient coach.
My son and his friend look forward to their tennis lesson every week and they always have a great time!

I was coached rigorously by Kenneth a few years ago. Being a nationally-ranked competitive player, he really knew how to impart the modern techniques, mentality/psychology and training regime necessary to play at a high level. Now, he's coach to two of my boys and they are doing very well under him!

Coach Kenneth is amazing. I know my daughter can be stubborn and irritating at times. Despite everything, coach Kenneth relentlessly worked with her and in less than 6 months she corrected her mistakes and she improved a lot. 😊 🙏


Cyndi Goh


Gowri Pothula


Ryan Gan

Coach Kenneth is knowledgeable, patient and a dedicated tennis coach! With him, my son’s backhand and game plan has improved.There is always laugh and fun during tennis lesson. If you are looking for a sincere coach, look no further! Would definitely recommend him to anyone who is looking to learn tennis and improving their game.

A dedicated & responsible coach who instilled discipline & motivate young learners to pursue their love for tennis to reach their goals. He walk the talk & deliver what he believes is his integrity. I wd certainly recommend him to any parents who wants to cultivate discipline in their children.


Prakash Chandrasekar

Kenneth is a serious good coach. He has a detailed understanding of each kids performance. He communicates very good with the parents about the child’s development. He is very regular in conducting the classes and friendly natured. I wish him all the very good luck and best wishes.


Diveysh Ramesh

Kenneth was extremely professional with a tailored tennis training program that suit my abilities. Apart from developing tennis skills, his program improved my fitness levels. Highly recommended for tennis and fitness training of all levels

Kenneth is a young and professional coach. I never paid too much attention to how important footwork can be to improve your game, he taught me that with various drills that have improved my overall game. He cares more about improving your game than just coaching you for money. Good Luck!


Amit Jain

Hardworking, Giving his best while teaching, Guiding parents all possible ideas what to do next, Giving all possible options, Encouraging, Giving his best possible extra times to student if student is willing to do more.


Tina Lim

My son has been training under Coach Kenneth. He is patient and good with kids. Coach Kenneth prepares his equipment well for drills training and corrects my son strokes. My child looks forward to every session with him.

Kate Park

Kenneth is the best coach I've ever had! Very experienced and attentive coaching style! Every time I make a mistake, he always gives me feedback and tries to make me fully understand so that I can correct myself. Highly recommend people who want to play the REAL tennis and get clear and precise feedback from the coach!!!! 🎾

Pavan Rajput


Rajeev Gogna

Kenneth is friendly yet serious coach. He is attentive to details and pays attention in teaching right skills. Thanks for teaching my daughter.


Ian Cho

First time when I started tennis, Literally I have no idea what i’m doing and why my body works like this. However, since met Kenneth, even my English is not my first language, his explanation and teaching skill are so understandable. Now I’m enjoying tennis more than before and can use my technique into the game. If someone ask me about good tennis coach, i would recommend here!


Willis Wee

Kenneth is really a good coach. Highly recommend.
1) He understands what you want to achieve and plans the lesson accordingly.
2) He shows and not just tell. A lot of coaches out there do not play good tennis. Kenneth is the real deal.
3) If you are dedicated and passionate. He will go the extra mile with you.
4) Learning tennis isn’t just confined within the hours you see him. We often discuss and breakdown the tennis matches I played over text.
5) While he can be strict and demanding (in a positive way), he also knows how to make tennis fun.

I’ve been training with Kenneth for more than a year and can easily say that it’s been a fabulous experience from the 1st session we did. Kenneth, being himself trained in the sport the right way and having rubbed shoulders with the best in the country, emphasizes on building strong fundamentals. My learning curve has been shortened ever since I started training with him - but that’s not all, Kenneth’s takes a 360-degree approach to tennis training and helps me train my mental and physical self as well. Goes to show how much he invests in his student’s journey. Don’t think I could’ve asked for a better coach - things are only looking better here on. Thanks Kenneth!

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