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Our Services


Private Lessons

One to one sessions allow coaches to cater lessons to your needs and work solely on your game. This could involve aspects such as technical, tactical, fitness, mental ability and many more with the goal of maximizing your playing potential. If you would like to accelerate your learning, improve certain aspects of your game and have us suit your needs or learning style, this is for you!

Price: From $100/hour depending on coach


Semi Private

With 2 students, this session has a good mix of fun and learning. It presents students with more variety, a platform to develop their skills and the ability to implement what they have learnt against other opponents of the same level. More importantly, students can get exposed to some friendly competition.

Price: From $115/hour depending on coach


Group Lessons

Group lessons are a great platform to grow interest and passion in the sport. It encourages fun, sociability and competion amongst peers. This setting allows students to be more involved in games and different situations to encourage problem solving skills. It is ideal for competitive players as well, focusing more on tactics to create a better understanding of playing points.


Champions Programme

For commited players with a passion to improve, work hard and play at a high competitive level. This programme consists of training routines that pushes players mentally, physically. If you are willing to commit to hours of practice every week and want to be the best player you can be, this is for you!


Social Swings

We do different workshops over time such as Doubles, Volleys, Attack, just to name a few and conduct group trainings as well to encourage sparring and practice among new players. Drop us a message to find out more :)

Prices for Private and Semi Private classes vary based on location of lessons

Court fees are not included in prices quoted by us

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