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Footspeed & Coordination

Under the umbrella term of footwork, footspeed and coordination plays a vital role in getting players to the ball faster and allowing them to get better balance and positioning to maintain form and technique.

Footspeed refers to how fast one can move their legs/feet on the court

Coordination refers to how quick the neuromuscular system (nervous system and muscles) can respond to allow one to move faster

The better the communication between our muscles/moving parts and central nervous system, the more responsive we can be, leading to faster footspeed and better accuracy of footwork. With this 2 aspects working together there is no doubt you will be in the right position most of the time when hitting the ball.

When doing the drills. players shoud focus on:

  • Moving as quickly as possible to the extent without losing balance

  • Have time intervals or a number of sets, followed by rest. For example: you could do 15 reps and 10 seconds rest for each exercise with 2 sets

  • Hold good posture in the athletic position when moving

  • Best effort and intensity

  • If its difficult to coordinate, start slow and slowly pick up speed


Tips for Jump Rope drills at the end of video

  • Staying light and on the balls of your feet

  • Get a rhythm

  • Use your wrists in a circular motion instead of Arms/Shoulders

  • Correct rope length

  • Hands around waistline

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