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Agility Ladder Drills for Footspeed

Under the umbrella term of footwork, footspeed and coordination plays a vital role in getting players to the ball faster and allowing them to get better balance and positioning to maintain form and technique.

Footspeed refers to how fast one can move their legs/feet on the court

The better the communication between our muscles/moving parts and central nervous system, the more responsive we can be, leading to faster footspeed and better accuracy of footwork. With the right drills and right intensity, these two aspects can be improved.

Here, the ladder is introduced to add an element of control for your movements. The ladder is used as a guide for the accuracy of your footwork, stepping in and out of the rungs and boosts in aerobic capactiy. It is a step up from normal footspeed drills where there is free range of movement.

Drills focus:
#1 Drive your arms and time it with your footwork
#2 Stay light on your feet
#3 Do intervals, think of doing a total of 2 - 3 sets with rest in between

Be creative!! Use cones or other markers or your imagination if you don't own a speed ladder

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